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From zero to ten vans in eight years using it possible? Absolutely, and that's exactly what we did!

If you could choose someone to provide Google PPC management and run your AdWords campaign, would you pick an anonymous marketing agency, or would you pick someone who ran AdWords for their own cleaning business? In fact, someone who did AdWords so successfully that they were able to sell it after only eight years for a six figure sum?

That is the reason you should pick Adwords4Cleaners, because that is exactly what you'll be getting.

We offer a Google AdWords Management service that is intended solely to deliver you more customers. There are no hidden costs or lengthy contracts, and throughout the process you will be dealing with one person who will be managing your campaign from top to bottom.

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Here at AdWords 4 Cleaners, we do one thing and one thing alone - Google AdWords Management specialising in the cleaning sector.

Every campaign is tailored to each client's specific needs and requirements, and our primary aim is to see you generate as much business as possible at the lowest possible cost.

Just some of the thing we will do to achieve this include:

RESEARCH - we will find you the right keywords, search queries, negative keywords and locations

AD WRITING - we will design, write and constantly A/B test all your Google adverts

MONITORING AND REVIEW - we will constantly monitor your account, updating and changing to maximise performance

PERFORMANCE FOCUS - we will focus on cost per click (CPC), click through rate (CTR), return on investment (ROI)

IDENTIFY GROWTH AREAS - as industry and customers change, we will actively seek out new areas of growth

AD TARGETING - ensuring that all keywords, ads, geographical locations, devices and delivery times are focused on your potential customers

ONE CLIENT, ONE AREA - if you are a cleaning client covering Manchester, you will be the only cleaning client covering that area

NO AUTOMATION - we promise not to use Google automation and all changes will be manually done

LANDING PAGES - clicking Ads is one thing, but we can advise on your landing pages to help those clicks convert into customers

WEB DESIGN - if you are a new business, or feel your website is outdated, we can also offer a web design service


The most important thing we do is to understand your objectives and customers, and then focus everything we do to help you in achieving your goals.


After working in corporate marketing for 10 years I decided to go freelance with a specialism in small business development. Although I was offering a wide range of services from marketing plans through to logo design, it was through the use of Google AdWords that was enabling the most growth.

A chance conversation with a client who was formerly a carpet cleaner got me thinking that maybe if I was able to make money for my clients' businesses via AdWords that I could do that for myself. As such, Pro Carpet Cleaning was born.

Less than eight years later in January 2021 I sold that business for a six figure sum. In that time it grew from myself and one other to a team of 13 servicing over 8000 clients a year and with a turnover approaching £1m. AdWords were the sole way of generating new business....and it worked!

Having made a success of Pro Carpet Cleaning I'm now offering my knowledge and expertise in the sector to any cleaning firms that want to use AdWords, or are using them and think they could be performing better.

There are lots of people who understand AdWords. The difference is that I also understand the cleaning sector, the way your clients search, and using AdWords for myself I made a fair chunk of money. Not many people can say that!

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